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LAFELIZ celebrates 15 years.

We have evolved, we have changed, we look back and we move forward.

Now, we are in what we call the 4th stage of this journey.

The stage where LAFELIZ proposes and executes on its own and through collaborations

Experience and energy make up this stage of our journey.

The opportunity arises from the project and initiation of the Royal Thai Embassy in Buenos Aires in 2019. We were selected, we were asked for a collaboration project and several design studios were presented to us. We chose THINKK for the quality of their work, their contemporary vision, their semantics and their sense of belonging to Thailand.

And then the two brands developed a project together. The project that we generated was based on the search and selection of a work technique that was LAFELIZ, and rethinking an iconic product of ours - Las Farolas, not because of its shape but because of its working technique.

We got together and rethink. We asked THINKK to generate a new version of the Thai lantern based on LAFELIZ's work technique. This was going to be the basis of the project - we provide the technique and they the semantics. We would rethink the symbolism of an object that represents the Thai lantern in Argentina.

This adventure first began in 2019 when we travelled to Bangkok, accompanied us while we were in La Paz, Bolivia and then brought us back to Buenos Aires - amid time differences, going back and forth, doing numerous tests, and experimenting with different materials.

And now, there is a product!

Silla 44.
Colección Besitos.

Con esta silla vamos completando esta gran familia de mobiliario.


Los productos de la Línea 44, son una triada entre comodidad, permanencia y habitabilidad crece en sentido a medida que con el fluir del tiempo se va articulando el contexto. Entre Silla, Banqueta, Butaca, Sillón, la diferencia radica en la comodidad que da como resultante la permanencia. El estar está emparentado con el habitar.

With this chair we are completing this great family of furniture.

Products of the 44 series, are a triad between confort, permanence and habitability that evolves with the flow of time as the context is articulated. Between the Chair, Bench, Armchair, Couch, the difference resides in the comfort that results in permanence. Being is related to inhabiting.

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